Sleepless Nights, No problem Try this out

InsomniaNights seem too long for you. You keep tossing and turning several times. You spent time continuing the ticking of the clock, watching ghost movies, eating chocolate, chatting with friends and looking for other way out for time pass. You must be feeling tired and sleepy through out your working hours. It‘s a big headache.

Sleeping pills can be an easy way out but with lots of side effects. And once you become addicted to pills it becomes hard to get rid of it. Most of us suffer from insomnia perhaps you are one of them. But how long you to continue like this… trying out these few simple measures can bring peaceful nights in your life.

Ways to put insomnia away


A disciplined lifestyle can be helpful. Follow a bedtime routine so that when it’s late your body can make out that its time to go off to sleep. You can also get into the habit of drinking milk or taking shower each night before planning to sleep. Milk contains tryptophan which promotes sleep and soothing shower will lower you body temperature relaxing your senses.

If you’re not sleepy don’t lie in the bed waiting for it. Distract your mind by doing something else till you feel sleepy. Exercising is another way out as it releases stress. Maintain an appropriate weight that is right for your body weight. Avoid alcohol, nicotine, and drugs to stay healthy. A healthy body can have a proper sleep.

Balance Diet

Eat a balanced diet. Don’t eat too much of carbohydrate, fat and sugar in your diet. If you body lack essential vitamins and minerals your body cannot operate at its best.


Our mind has become very impatient while keeping pace with our fast moving life. We keep on thinking and planning. And if we are disturbed it’s tough to get sleep. We have to control our mind that can be done by meditation and yoga. It brings solace.


Make you bedroom comfortable. Switch off the lights, don’t start watching television or do any other activity. Make you bed cozy by adding few extra pillow. If your partner’s snoring bothering you, use ear plugs to avoid that. You bedroom is where you relax so make all the necessary changes to make it more comfortable.

Following these simple steps can help you fight with your sleepless night. It will keep you fresh for a new beginning.

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