How do you compare branded designer shoes

All glitters are not gold. The same applies to your favourite designer shoes also. You just can’t pick an item, no matter anywhere you see, anything you like or any price you can afford. There has to be some basic guidelines you need to follow to avoid bad investment.

Comparing designer shoe is often a challenging task as you have to go through number of tests. Some people believe that a pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. If you are purchasing designer shoes (no matter it costs less or more) it should complement your favourite clothing. If you are passionate about certain brands, the job gets easier. You can visit a local retail store you know well or come online. This way you can bag better discounts for selected brands.

I would personally recommend you to visit Daniel Footwear in UK and try out their range of collections. You can explore more than 50 different brands over there – all available at affordable price. However, Vivienne westwood shoes are always my best pick. Its Rock n Roll look inspires me to think beyond fifties. And, I am sure that youth will always appreciate it as a perfect memorabilia.

Danial Footwear UK

After all choosing a perfect pair of shoes is a personal decision. If you want to make foot wear shopping a gala experience, you need to know some etiquette – be it online or offline.

Here are a few ways you can choose better stuff every time you shop.

Chose designer label:

It is important that you identify original designer shoes – made by trained shoe designers. To know and compare shoe designers you can read fashion magazines like vogue, GQ, daily news etc. You can also make a visit to popular online stores, footwear blogs, and fashion websites to know about latest designs and its buyers.

Know the materials:

Opting for Designer shoes does not mean you have to compromise on use of quality material. Browse online stores such as Daniel Footwear and find out about materials used in shoe-making. Compare shoes by construction method. Most designers shoes are machine-made, but high-priced ones are hand-crafted. You can get them with hand-painting, stitching and customized designs.

Fall Into Fashion

In some ways, the fashion this fall and winter offers a very subdued pallette of grays, black, and neutral colors. However, you can put a nice modern twist on this by choosing those colors in your jewelry by using black gems with a platinum or silver metallic setting. It can offer a classic modern look that is paired with some old world materials, like fur on other accessories. Skirts are in fashion, no matter what the length, paired with boots and tights that can actually break the drab color code with a bold splash of color.

Accessories Rule

Whether it’s the jewelry, the gloves, the tights, or the boots – accessories rule this season. The outfits themselves can be somewhat plain, but pair them with leather cuffs studded with charms or studs and the look becomes much more dramatic. Add boots and some colorful tights and you have the makings of a very edgy look. Scarves can also be draped over to give an added boost.

Not an Expensive Look

You don’t have to have a lot of money to dress for high fashion this fall. Many of the accessories can be re-used on other outfits, like the tights, the gloves, and the jewelry. It’s almost as if the designers were trying to figure out a look you didn’t have to spend a fortune on to get right.

Highly Versatile

If you get tired of one look, just change out the thin belt, or add a different set of jewelry. Wear bright orange tights instead of white. The look is very versatile and can be mixed and matched quite easily resulting in a much larger wardrobe for far less cost. Take one skirt and pair it with different tights. Add a pair of high heels and tights, instead of boots. Use a longer skirt, instead.

Man For All Seasons, Woman of All Fashions

Certain men want us to believe they’re like an SUV. They’re rugged, and can travel any terrain. They’re impervious to mud, sleet, snow, and broiling summers.

These are the men who, in hundred degree temperatures, walk calmly through an asphalt parking lot amid shimmering heat waves in their three-piece suits. No sweat forms on their brows, no complaints issue from their lips. They’re much too macho to notice such mundane things.

In the dead of winter, when people are skating to work, these same men are out in cutoff jeans, worn tee shirts, and thong sandals. Oh, and white socks, because after all, it is winter. They move blithely past women buried in enough layers to outfit a family of Eskimos, and behave as though they’re surrounded by a personal climate control field.

This strong, silent guy changes once he enters his domain. Upon checking the thermostat, complaints issue from those previously closed lips.

“When the heck did you put this on forty degrees?” he demands. “This place is like a blast furnace.”

His wife grimaces. “Last summer it was on eighty degrees and you said it was freezing.”

“That was different. I’m setting it on thirty-five. If you’re cold, wear more clothes.”

“If I put on any more layers I may as well go into hibernation, since I won’t be able to move.”

“Okay, okay. Look, let’s watch TV. It’ll take your mind off the cold.” He grabs the remote and stretches onto the couch, propping his bare legs on the coffee table.

The first channel is showing a special about the Donner Party. The next one has a show about ice mummies. The wife begins to worry about those lumps in the back of the freezer.

“Want some ice cream?” the husband asks.

The Man for All Seasons is counterbalanced by the Woman of All Fashions. While this woman is aware of the changing seasons, to her it means a new reason to shop. Whatever the new fashions for spring, summer, fall, or winter, she’s ready to buy. Her greatest attributes, according to the stores, are expensive taste and no sales resistance.

If the newest autumn trend is two hundred dollar mongoose crew socks, she’ll be the first to own them. The Woman of All Fashions will never be caught dead near the clearance rack, where the mongoose socks hang a month after their debut. (My friend bought some for five dollars. Her cat has become quite intimate with one of them.)

The Woman of All Fashions will dress for the climate, but only at the dictate of current trends. You will see her in the sleet-covered parking lot, tottering in stiletto-heeled cowboy boots. Her full length sable coat covers the traffic-cone orange cashmere pantsuit, all of which she “just threw on” to get some bread.

As she heads for her car, she passes a man in faded cutoffs and a tee shirt worn nearly transparent. Both shake their heads as they move on. Some people just don’t know how to dress.