Men’s collections that flaunt a new YOU

Are you tired of the clothes in your closet? Are you looking for a dress for a casual night out with your girl friend? Or, you may think of attending a sports bar, lounge, informal dinner party or restaurant. How do you want to flaunt your style to your special one?

What is the needful?

Yes, you need a fashion break for every moment you spend outside. For example, you sure not going to wear a jacket or T-shirt in sports bar. Wearing a T-shirt and along with a Crox short is not ideal for a diner meeting too. A hoodie coupled with heavy garage jeans may not be apt for a wedding party.

It means, any clothing you choose is meant for a certain occasion or purpose only. You can’t do blunder at prestigious places. Especially, if it is to impress your partner at the first date, you can’t take much risk.

Luke 1977 from Roulette

Here are a few simple instructions for you to look at your best. Just learning about clothing selection and choosing the right brand is good enough to present a new “YOU”.

Check with these handy tips:

1. Always look and smell clean. Style your hair and shave off well. Use deodorant sparingly and maintain hygiene.

2. Be brand conscious. If you want to buy fantastic clothing range from British designers come and visit Roulette Clothing at St Helier Jersey. They have wide range of brands, exclusively for men. Why don’t you take up Luke 1977 this season? You will get almost every variety in affordable price range.

3. Dress in layers. Act intelligent when you are trying collared shirt, beneath a casual jacket. You may also wear a T-shirt under a crew or a woollen V-neck sweater. You can also pick men’s hoodies for a sporty look. A full turtle neck would also look stylish.

4. Experiment a little with your trousers and jeans. A heavy garage jeans goes well with hoodie. You can also think of piper jeans. Get them in blue and black. These colours gel with any type of hoodie you choose.

5. Look at fitting components of your shirts and sweaters.

6. If it is a casual outing, you can try out khakis or slacks other than jeans. Flat-front pants look more casual than those with 2-3 pleats.

This way you sure won’t miss the perfect look at the perfect occasion. Do you have any more suggestions to share? Please go ahead.

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