Keeping busy when sick

Throughout our lives, many of us will get sick at one point or another. This may be as a result of a common illness or perhaps because of something more serious that requires a few weeks’ bed rest. Either way, getting well is only achieved by resting up. Whilst this sounds nice to some, for others, it can be deathly boring! Here are some activities that you can do whilst laid up in bed, without having to move a muscle.

Keeping busy when sick

If you’ve got a tray, some silver or gold findings, a pair of pliers and a few beads, then you can start making jewellery from the comfort of your bed. It’s a great way to relax and also could earn you a few bob once you are better, as lots of people like to buy home-made jewellery.

As with jewellery-making, creating your own cards can be very therapeutic. It doesn’t require a lot of supplies, although it does need a bit of space, so it’s worth cleaning the bed of any other items when you get started. Just be careful you don’t stick your fingers to the duvet with your pritt-stick!

Watching an entire TV season
Make no mistake – now is the time to catch up on that favourite television show of yours. Invest in the entire season box set – or the box set of all seasons – and spend time just relaxing. Once you are better, it’s pretty much guaranteed you will not have time to do this, so take the chance while you can.

This can keep you entertained for hours and definitely doesn’t require you to move anything except your hands! As with jewellery-making, you can also earn some cash once you’re up and about. Many shops sell hand-knitted goods so be sure to knit as much as you can whilst you have the time.

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