Fall Into Fashion

In some ways, the fashion this fall and winter offers a very subdued pallette of grays, black, and neutral colors. However, you can put a nice modern twist on this by choosing those colors in your jewelry by using black gems with a platinum or silver metallic setting. It can offer a classic modern look that is paired with some old world materials, like fur on other accessories. Skirts are in fashion, no matter what the length, paired with boots and tights that can actually break the drab color code with a bold splash of color.

Accessories Rule

Whether it’s the jewelry, the gloves, the tights, or the boots – accessories rule this season. The outfits themselves can be somewhat plain, but pair them with leather cuffs studded with charms or studs and the look becomes much more dramatic. Add boots and some colorful tights and you have the makings of a very edgy look. Scarves can also be draped over to give an added boost.

Not an Expensive Look

You don’t have to have a lot of money to dress for high fashion this fall. Many of the accessories can be re-used on other outfits, like the tights, the gloves, and the jewelry. It’s almost as if the designers were trying to figure out a look you didn’t have to spend a fortune on to get right.

Highly Versatile

If you get tired of one look, just change out the thin belt, or add a different set of jewelry. Wear bright orange tights instead of white. The look is very versatile and can be mixed and matched quite easily resulting in a much larger wardrobe for far less cost. Take one skirt and pair it with different tights. Add a pair of high heels and tights, instead of boots. Use a longer skirt, instead.

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