Bread and Whine

| February 28, 2015

It is mandatory if snow is forecast, you must go to the store and stock up on everything, particularly bread, milk and eggs. Because who knows when you’re going to have an emergency that requires French toast? So of course I went to the store because hey, I don’t need THAT on my permanent record. […]

Electric Bugaboo

| May 31, 2014

We live in an old house. Have you seen the movie “The Money Pit” about a couple who purchase an old house for its charm and quickly discover its flaws? That movie could be a documentary of our life. We have a leaky roof, drafty windows and our most recent calamity, an old electrical system. […]

Wi Fi Foe Fum

| March 26, 2014

I smell the blood of an angry mom. The gremlins got me. The little boogers attacked the device that delivers the internet through some sort of magic that I do not fully understand. The device got hot. Not in a good “Oh that’s hawt” kind of way, but in a “WARNING! BATTERY CRITICAL!” kind of […]

Mother Nature is Angry

| February 28, 2014

Man, I am so tired of winter. I think Mother Nature hates all of us humans and is trying to kill us. Blizzards to the east of me, drought to the west of me and I’m stuck here in the middle with ewwww. (Icky weather). Yes, we are forecast to get snow, sleet and freezing […]

Pissed Off Mama

| September 14, 2006

You damned drunken bitch. You have got some nerve. I can’t divulge specifics, because this may well go to court, and I’m not having my blog pulled in as evidence – LOL I got a phone call at 11 PM. “Mom, I’ve been in a car accident.” When my heart started beating again, I asked […]