Life is like…

| August 10, 2007

Life is like a roller coaster – you never know when you’re gonna be upside down or puking. OK, so I am no Forrest Gump in the world of quotable quotes. We have husband’s car back! The forest fatah won’t stop us, because we are pure of heart (and have rental coverage – lol). Of [...]

WW #20 – When implants go bad

| April 25, 2007

Grandma in denial . . . Click here for larger view and more pictures of this grandma in denial – if you dare! LOL! The Wordless Wednesday Blogroll You don’t need to be a participant to comment! For information on joining the fun, and the getting the blogroll code, please go here. PLEASE NOTE: This [...]


| April 19, 2007

Ya know those days when you say, “What did I do to deserve this?” I’m having a good one. Really. (Crowd gasps, the weak-of-heart faint dead away.) I was selected by not one, but TWO fabulous blogging buddies to receive a, “Thinking Blogger Award”. In the spirit of giving and receiving, I would like to [...]